You know ‘Mr Brown Can Moo’ by Dr Seuss?’ There are so many cool OO sounds in this story!

The OO spelling

Mr Brown can MOO

How about you?

He can go like an owl HOO, HOO, HOO!

He can go like a train – CHOO, CHOO, CHOO!

He can go like a rooster – COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!

The EW and UE spelling (Long ‘u’ sound)

Mr Brown’s NEPHEW

Is a TRUE, BLUE Australian,

He likes steak and kidney STEW.

EW! Not me…

It’s much too hard to CHEW!

Mr Brown’s cousin,


What a silly duffer

He hasn’t got a CLUE!

Write a jingle with OO, EW and UE, or any of the long vowel OO (‘u’) spelling patterns

Send it to Sound Owl by the 30th November under COMMENTS.

In November we’ll talk about the 3 more ‘u’ spelling patterns:

OU, U-E and UE

Bye you!
Sound Owl


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