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Welcome! To the wise owls who help young children become strong and confident readers. The teachers, parents, administrators, librarians, childcare providers, special educators – and anyone else who inspires young readers.


Everyday, new and insightful discoveries emerge about how children learn to read. Today, more than ever we celebrate individuality, diversity and equality in our classrooms, but one of the biggest challenges a teacher is faced with is balancing the different learning needs of each individual.

Children first learn a language by mimicking or sounding out words in playful repetition. As Nikola-Lisa explains in his article Sound and Sense in Children’s Picture Books, “The repetition of key sounds or words is instrumental in helping young children learn the sounds of a language, ultimately, enabling them to associate the sounds with their respective graphemes.”

Teaching children how to recognise the sounds, graphemes and the different spelling patterns is a complex and multi-dimensional process. There are 45 sounds and hundreds of ways to spell them, but with so many peculiarities in the English language – the mind boggles! How do you explain the words rough, cough and plough are different when there’s no rhyme or reason?


As young readers begin to master phonemic awareness or sound and letter recognition they develop their spelling and writing skills. But for struggling readers, or those at risk – it can take years to master! Sound Owl aims to promote literacy by combining phonemes into fun and lyrical stories. The interactive resources in READ, SPELL, WRITE are designed to accompany the visual language which is highlighted in the book in a simple, holistic and step-by-step approach, so that anyone can teach young readers.


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